Incorrect filling of the tank system in the Quellbad Dangast

Yesterday morning there was a misfilling during the loading of the tank system in the spring bath Dangast / Varel. Sulfuric acid was filled into the customer's own storage tank for sodium hypochlorite solution (chlorine bleach), in which there was still an existing residual quantity.

According to current findings, this had led to damage to the storage tank and free chlorine was produced, which spread in the basement room. By ventilation measures, the gaseous chlorine could be continuously removed from the room.

No one was harmed. As a precaution, residents were asked to close windows and doors. In the meantime, the mission has been terminated.

The incident was accompanied throughout the incident by the fire brigade of the district of Friesland and experts from BÜFA in order to carry out ventilation measures. The measures were also supported by the DOW plant fire brigade from Stade, which pumped out and neutralised the alkali/acid mixture from the crashed storage tank.

How it could come to the incorrect filling, is currently still being examined by a team of experts. BÜFA regrets that this incident has occurred.