Business divisions

Innovative & sustainable

Diversity is our strategy

Bundled expertise in the fields of chemicals, cleaning and composites

The BÜFA Group is an independent, medium-sized company in the chemical industry. BÜFA was founded in Oldenburg in 1883 and today operates on an international scale in the Chemicals, Cleaning and Composites business segments. We deliver a Best In Class performance with innovative, environmentally conscious and targeted products and systems that meet the highest demands, and are used in industries such as the railway industry, wind energy, the food industry or the cleaning industry. In doing so, we adhere in uncompromising fashion to the principle of sustainability. We focus our efforts on  New Chemistry , and combine economic efficiency with social responsibility.

BÜFA Chemicals

Packaging, storage and distribution

Together with Tricura and VivoChem, BÜFA Chemicals forges its Chemicals business. We have been trading in chemicals since 1883, and use this experience to provide our customers with comprehensive, competent and individual advice. Trading in basic chemicals was yesterday – today, at BÜFA Chemicals and, with ViVoChem, we offer a seamless process from packaging to warehousing to the just-in-time distribution of chemicals with maximum product safety. Tricura offers professional products and services for swimming pools and spas – in addition to products for water treatment, swimming pool technology and wellness accessories, Tricura has individual expert advice and targeted training in its portfolio.


BÜFA Cleaning

Cleanliness, hygiene and value preservation

BÜFA Cleaning offers internationally cleaning, disinfection and care products. High product quality, cooperation based on partnership and distinctive service performance are highly appreciated by our customers. Cleanliness, hygiene and value preservation are the pillars of all our activities. A comprehensive and market-driven product range is supplemented by individual customer solutions if required.

BÜFA Composites

Innovative, customized composite products

BÜFA Composite Systems is Europe’s leading manufacturer of polyester resin specialities. BÜFA offers the best sustainable all-round solutions and score top marks with outstanding service, as well as machine and application expertise for processors and customers from all sectors of the composites industry. Our customers include manufacturers from the automotive, rail vehicle, wind energy, construction, sanitary, tanks and pipes, boat building and swimming pool sectors.

With Europe-wide distributions, BÜFA guarantees an internationally reliable service network.