BÜFA Management

One vision!

Our management policy

The corporate policy of the BÜFA Group describes the principles and guiding ideas of our integrated management system. It forms the framework for setting our goals, including the topics of quality, occupational safety and the environment.

We create opportunities for ourselves

The companies within the BÜFA Group offer intelligent solutions with innovative products and customised services. The trusting and reliable spirit of cooperation with our customers and suppliers, as well as the ongoing sustainable development of our products and services, secure (and open up) further opportunities for success.

We act consciously

The focus of our activities is primarily on four main topics:

  • Acting in a customer-oriented manner
  • Working together
  • Generating successful business
  • Protecting people and the environment

In doing so, compliance with all binding obligations is a matter of course for the BÜFA Group.

We are sustainable

Product quality, competitiveness, innovative strength, occupational safety, environmental protection and sustainability are the foundations of our success, and help to preserve the jobs of our employees.

We improve continuously

The BÜFA Group is committed to continuous improvement in all areas. In order to achieve this goal, we constantly analyze and control the impact of our activities on people and the environment. In addition, we carry out audits and optimizations of our products and processes with regard to quality, environmental compatibility, digitalization, sustainability and safety.

We speak openly and transparently

We are committed to an open and continuous dialogue with our interested parties.

The BÜFA Management Board

Felix Thalmann | Managing Director BÜFA Group (CEO) & Chemicals



Ralf Ramke | Managing Director BÜFA Group (CFO)



Christopher Liebscher | Head of Human Relations



Sebastian Specht | Managing Director Cleaning



Lothar Kempf | Managing Director Composites