Tomorrow will soon be today - BÜFA Sustainability Report 2022 online

Projects and initiatives of the BÜFA Group on the path of sustainable development

Ecological product alternatives, modernization of production facilities and efficient processes for a sustainable circular economy - these and many other topics were driven forward by BÜFA last year. In 2022, we made important progress with many smaller and larger measures at all BÜFA sites. "Innovative products with a high benefit for our customers lead to economic success and secure our future. In doing so, we continuously optimize our products and services," says Jan Philipp Wuppermann, Chairman of the Advisory Board at BÜFA, summarizing the goals of the BÜFA Group. Holistic, sustainable development can only succeed if we harmonize economic, ecological and social aspects.
In 2015, the United Nations formulated 17 global goals for sustainable development, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They provide BÜFA with important points of reference and orientation on the path of sustainable development. All activities for social, ecological and economic sustainability can now be found in our Sustainability Report 2022.

This year's BÜFA Sustainability Report is for the first time based on the GRI Standard (Global Reporting Initiative), an international guideline for sustainability reporting. Based on previous stakeholder surveys, the main topics as well as SDGs relevant for BÜFA were defined. Both the new structure and a newly developed design contribute to greater clarity and transparent communication of our activities.