BÜFA®-Firestop: Europe's most comprehensive fire protection portfolio for the composites market

The BÜFA®-FireFox as Best Choice fire protection system offers safety at the highest level - completely without toxic substances

BÜFA Composite Systems is setting new standards for the protection of life: Under the brand name BÜFA®-Firestop, the Rastede-based company has established Europe's most comprehensive fire protection portfolio for the composite market. The individual components allow a wide range of combination options for very individual customer requirements. The result is a premium system for the production of fire-protected fiber-reinforced composite components in closed processes: BÜFA®-FireFox - the Best Choice Fire Protection System.

For the new BÜFA®-FireFox fire protection system, the proven portfolio has been highly effectively optimized and expanded. On the resin side, the system components now include a DCPD firestop resin, an RTM fire protection foam resin for targeted lightweight construction and an easy-to-process Class A surface firestop infusion resin. In contrast to conventional fire protection systems based on filled reaction resins or phenolic resins, BÜFA®-Firestop infusion systems impress with outstanding mechanical properties. "The test results show higher process reliability with lower weight and significantly higher mechanical properties," says Peter Kornas, head of product development and application technology at BÜFA Composite Systems, explaining the advantages. 

The particularly efficient glass fabrics for infusion components with very high mechanical properties are offered under BÜFA®-Firestop Fabric. In addition, a close cooperation has been established in the field of lightweight construction with 3D|CORE - a qualified partner offering innovative, high-strength core materials with reinforcing honeycomb structure. The recyclable rigid foam cores are available in various performance structures and round off the Best Choice fire protection system. 
Components manufactured with premium products from the BÜFA® FireFox fire protection system meet the highest European and international fire protection requirements and offer virtually unlimited use in numerous applications. Moreover, the system components of BÜFA®-FireFox do not contain any toxic agents such as halogens or antimony trioxide. All raw materials used fully comply with REACH.

"With the new, complementary components for the BÜFA®-FireFox fire protection system, we now have one of the most effective fire protection kits on the market," reports Joe Mardoukh, market and customer support fire protection at BÜFA Composite Systems GmbH & Co. KG. "The individual components fit together perfectly, depending on the application of the composite structure, playing off their individual advantages." 
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