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New Chemistry for a future fit for our grandchildren

Economically, ecologically and socially sustainable

Alongside digitalisation and innovation, sustainability is part of BÜFA’s DNA, which underlies all the activities of our “New Chemistry”. Our goal is to act in an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable manner – for a future fit for our grandchildren. Our strategy and our actions are oriented towards the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

As a company operating in the chemical industry, we attach great importance to a sustainable circular economy. BÜFA follows the entire life cycle of its products and – starting from the acquisition of raw materials to the processing of the material at the customer’s site – tries to manufacture them with as little excess and emissions as possible. In order to achieve this goal, we rely on innovative solutions. Since 2021, BÜFA has been climate-neutral through its own measures, as well as offsetting at all German sites.

Sustainability report

Sustainable Development Goals at BÜFA

As part of a stakeholder survey and in collaboration with students from Leuphana University Lüneburg, we have identified five focus SDGs for the BÜFA Group,
which we particularly align with in our business activities.

Our employees are our most important resource. With holistic health management, we support and promote the well-being of each individual.
We attach great importance to a sustainable circular economy and track the entire life cycle of our products - from the acquisition of raw materials and their processing to the use of our products by customers.
We want to secure the long-term economic success of our company in harmony with ecological and social responsibility.
Our goal is to make our European sites climate-neutral. Through numerous measures, but currently also through compensation in various climate protection projects, the German sites of the BÜFA Group are climate neutral.
We develop innovative products so that we and our customers can break new ground. BÜFA products are used in a wide variety of industries, such as wind energy or public transport.

Strategy & Growth

Growth creates the conditions for our sustainable actions. With our products and services, we want to create international, customer-oriented value. In doing so, we rely on our innovative solutions, as well as a trusting and efficient spirit of cooperation with our partners. Our international growth is based on solid and socially responsible financing.

Climate & Resources

With numerous measures at our sites, we are helping to steadily reduce BÜFA’s carbon footprint and to conserve and preserve resources for future generations. Sustainable CO₂-management, the regular assessment of our environmental aspects with the associated instances of environmental impact, and fixed environmental targets are helping shine a light on the path ahead. We continuously optimise these processes with the help of Lean Management.

People & Values

Our most valuable resource is our employees. Therefore, BÜFA offers them a lot of space to develop ideas and to work independently. The further qualification of all employees, as well as the training of young professionals, are a high priority for us. In doing so, we are making BÜFA future-proof together.

Society & Commitment

As a responsible chemical company, BÜFA supports various institutions and projects in the region. Economic, environmental and social sustainability are inextricably interwoven. That is why it is important to us to promote culture, education and social issues, and to positively influence sustainable development in our region.

Portfolio & Value creation

We create sustainable solutions for our customers, and support sustainable and future-oriented industries with our sophisticated products. That is why we develop and use environmentally friendly product alternatives and optimise our products with regard to their environmental compatibility, as well as a lower application concentration.

In addition, we are continuously improving their application properties, so that they are even more durable and easy to process. We maintain long-term partnerships with our suppliers and select our raw materials responsibly. We are constantly increasing the proportion of environmentally friendly, bio-based or recycled raw materials. The aim is for our processes, products and services to contribute to greater sustainability in the value chain.

“Chemistry is part of the problem facing our planet, but more importantly, it is part of the solution.”

Jan Philipp Wuppermann, Chairman of the Shareholder Family

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